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Benefits to New Orleans Bar Association Members Case Highlights & Features Publicize Your
Case Results
As a service to its members, the New Orleans Bar Association has entered into an alliance agreement with West, a Thomson Reuters business, to provide award information on Metro Area civil jury trials, bench trials, settlements, and arbitrations.

NOBA members can:
  • Publish their verdicts, bench decisions, settlements & arbitrations in West's® Jury Verdicts - Louisiana Reports on Westlaw® for free.
  • Request a full case summmary for any case we highlight or feature. One free per month. It will contain the same content that a West's® Jury Verdicts - Louisiana Reports summary on Westlaw® contains.
  • Contact West: west.juryverdicts@thomsonreuters.com or 800-689-9378
West will:
  • Send, to any bar member who submits case information to West, a free pdf of the West's® Jury Verdicts - Louisiana Reports case summary as published on Westlaw®.
  • Consider featuring and/or highlighting the case in the "West's Metro New Orleans Area Verdicts" article we author for the NOBA ENewsletter, and on this web site.
This Web Site
  • Highlights - Our attorney editors select 5-6 Metro Area cases to highlight in concise one-paragraph format from the approximately 25 Louisiana cases we publish each month in full summary format.
  • Case of the Month - Our attorney editors also select one case to feature in its entirety in its full summary format.
"West's New Orleans Verdicts" on NOBA ENewsletter
  • NOBA ENewsletter Article - West supplies condensed one-line format case information in its "West's Metro New Orleans Area Verdicts" article in the NOBA ENewsletter.
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